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Belaire Rose Champagne, Rick Ross and Black Bottle Boys


Jay-Z had Cristal (and unofficially the gold bottled Ace of Spades). Diddy has Ciroc. Now it seems as if Rick Ross has Belaire Rose. In case you haven’t noticed, ‘The Boss’ mentions Belaire Rose in some shape or form, sometimes more subtly than others, in most songs he’s put out in the last year or so.

Ironically in the not too distant past, the big thing in hip-hop was moscato, a sweet wine that is one of the oldest domesticated grape varieties we know of (a little wine 101). But we’re glad that went as quickly as it came.

Now obviously we can’t confirm or refute how much Ricky Rozay actually likes Belaire Rose, but one thing is clear - Ross IS the face of the Belaire Rose brand. And if you’ve got Rick Ross it goes without saying you have his entire Maybach Music Group entourage as well. 

So what exactly is Belaire Rose? Where did it come from? Is it good? Well we’re going to answer the first two questions for starters. Belaire Rose is actually NOT a champagne - it’s a sparkling wine. Although from France, it’s not from Champagne, France which is where ALL champagne comes from. Any carbonated wine not from that region of France is a sparkling wine. Belaire Rose is comprised of three different grapes - grenache, cinsault and Syrah - consistent with most champagnes and sparkling wines being made up of multiple grape varieties.

Where did it come from? The name is actually new - our research seems to indicate the brand was trademarked in 2011 by someone very familiar with hip-hop’s overparticular taste when it comes to what they’re sippin’ on - Alana Berish - who just happens to be married to Brett Berish, owner of Sovereign Brands which coincidentally is also the name behind the Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades name (which only became popular roughly 7 years ago thanks to Jay-Z). Coincidence? Of course not. 

This leads us to ask the question is this the new norm for rappers - to have or be involved with a specific beverage? Probably not. Are a lot of rappers going to try? Of course - it’s rare to have a rapper that’s not a one hit wonder anymore, so why not try and increase your bank account while people still know you? But almost all will either fail or achieve minimal to mediocre success. Why? Because they’re not Jay-Z, Rick Ross or Diddy.

It all comes down to marketing and, by all accounts, the emergence of the Belaire Rose brand seems to have come about just for Rick Ross to promote. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Actually it’s genius. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I think Diddy’s Rat Pack-esque commercial for Ciroc Vodka is the best commercial ever made. I absolutely love it and watch it all the time. However, I think Rick Ross will reach the equivalent of what Diddy has achieved. So much thought has gone into the marketing of Belaire Rose - from Rick Ross being the face of the brand to the use of video marketing and social media to expose the brand to tens of millions of people. Diddy went the classical, old school route while Rick Ross has gone the more urban route. As different as the two marketing strategies may seem, they’re almost identical.

Ciroc has Ciroc Boys and Ciroc Girls, Belaire Rose has Black Bottle Boys. To be honest I’m not really sure what Ciroc Boys/Girls and Black Bottle Boys are - but I assume it’s an exclusive title that only those in the entourage get. Or maybe just someone who thoroughly enjoys that particular brand. I’m clueless. So if you know, tweet us and let us know.

Vodka is vodka - and I love it. It’s really the only spirit I personally drink. But who doesn’tlove champagne? There’s something about champagne (and sparkling wine) that people love. Even if it’s a crap champagne or sparkling wine people love the popping of the cork. It’s very celebratorial and people associate it with good times. Think about it - when have you heard of someone having the worst day possible and popping a bottle of champagne? Never. And if they did open up some champagne it wouldn’t be a bad day anymore. End of story. This is why I believe Rick Ross will reach the same level of success, if not more, with Belaire Rose as Diddy did with Ciroc.

Which leads us to the question is it good? Well - that’s open to interpretation. Unfortunately we can’t answer that question because we haven’t had it yet. But we plan on changing that very soon so stay tuned to Our Champagne Reviews on

Now unlike Jay-Z and the Ace of Spades champagne, Belaire Rose doesn’t fetch ridiculously high prices. Even at big box discount retailer Total Wine & More you will drop $250 - $300 on a bottle of Ace of Spades whereas a bottle of Belaire Rose should run you no more than $40. Much more affordable huh? The price point of the sparkling wine is another reason I think it’ll be a big hit. There is one problem though - it’s a pain in the ass to find. I assume that’ll change, hopefully sooner than later.

Time will tell whether or not the predictions put forth in this article will come true or not, but I put my money on it’ll be a hit.

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